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Dancing, moving, swaying, waving … let your body stand out.

The clubbing space is dedicated to the expression of bodies, to welcome you in a cosy setting, neat to glamorous tendencies.

Altromondo is a spirit that aspires to fun, quiet moments, but also meetings, exchanges around a drink at the bar or in the lounge areas.

Anteroom of a long and beautiful evening, musical break or final swayed to the rhythm of the current sounds clubbing welcomes you the time that you want.


Little hunger or real appetite …
A dining room offers the opportunity to meet all the treats.
For the pleasures of the palate, a fresh, varied, hot and cold buffet offers starters, main courses and desserts unlimited.
What to take the tone when necessary and have a good time with two or several. In the early, mid or late evening, the service welcomes you at your leisure.

Hugs areas

To be libertine is to be different …
It is to enjoy a wide-open mind, love to play, have fun of body and mind.
It is knowing how to access pleasures without any other prohibition than respect for others and oneself.
A master of libertinage seeks to let the imagination and the fantasy escape.
The Altromondo offers 13 varied and equipped naughty corners. All favourable to the awakening of the most carnal or instinctive senses.
The comfortable “Naughty Castle” is the first fantastic universe. Stone walls, coats of arms, the portrait of a curious Templar are at the rendezvous of chivalrous stories!

Besides, a small telephone booth allows English contacts …
Further, it is an Orient-Express car that leads on the roads of the emotional journey.
In another warm and cozy atmosphere, the “Taj Mahal” inspires the followers of Kamasutra.

The deeper we go into the maze of Altromondo, the tense the atmosphere becomes … Chains and bars of Alcatraz loop some during gentle sequestration while the frivolous passing of the “Glory Hole” will have fun with impunity.
Finally, for the more adventurous or thrill-seekers, the room “Sado Maso” punctuates the labyrinth. and are available chains, handcuffs, submission chair …
Altromondo is a unique place dedicated to the expression of the most intimate desires.

Jaccuzzi & Sauna

Relax and sympathize in idleness.

For the well-being of everyone, Jacuzzi and sauna are open to everyone (capacity up to 6 people).

In a filtered atmosphere with flavours of the south, you can enjoy a cocooning space with captivating heat.

Spacious locker rooms with individual lockers which you alone hold the secret of the opening are available.

Here nudity is de rigueur, but for the most secretive or just the comfort of the body bath towels are provided.

The facilities are treated with care in the strictest consideration of the rules of hygiene by Altromondo but also by a courteous and respectful clientele who will benefit from the conviviality of the space and will reserve the rascals for the places which are theirs reserved.

The same goes for drinks and food.

The Jacuzzi & Sauna of Altromondo is a timeless heatwave for Poseidon and other Naiads for a night …
Shower mandatory before entering the jacuzzi and sauna!

All sexual activity is strictly prohibited under penalty of expulsion from the club.

Cloakroom key: 5 € deposit refundable on return.